Submissions and Guidelines

Submissions for Consideration

Anyone may submit a title to the LITA Committee Recognizing Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction for consideration. Submissions may be sent electronically using the Submission Form.

The review process will begin immediately following the ALA Midwinter Meeting of the calendar year under consideration. The submission deadline is December 1 and selections will be made by January 1 of the next year. ARCs are welcome, however, a copy of the published title must be read before final consideration for inclusion on a List.

Guidelines for the Golden Duck Notable Picture Books List

These books are intended for pre-school children and very early readers, ages up to 6 years old and should be more science fiction than fantasy, which may be difficult at the picture book level.  Recognition is given to the author and the illustrator, as both are equally responsible. Some past Golden Duck Picture Books have been science fact with a story ‘wrapper’ similar to the Magic School Bus series.

Guidelines for the Eleanor Cameron Notable Middle Grade Books List

These books should be more science fiction than fantasy and written for ages 7—11.  Appropriate books are “chapter books” and short novels that may be illustrated but are judged primarily for the text.  Good characterization is essential. The main characters are problem solvers and science users rather than someone who has to be rescued. This List is named for Eleanor Cameron, author of the Mushroom Planet series.

Guidelines for the Hal Clement Notable Young Adult Books List

These books should be science fiction written for ages 12—18 with a young adult protagonist, a teenager who must make adult decisions. The science should be as correct as possible, but still a good story. This List is named for Hal Clement, the pen name of Harry Stubbs, a well-known science fiction writer and high school science teacher who promoted children’s science fiction.