Eligibility and Criteria


To be eligible for consideration, a book must be science fiction and be one for which children are the intended audience.

The book must have been published during the year preceding the Midwinter Meeting at which the Lists are announced.  This means that the book was published in that year, was available for purchase in that year, and has a copyright date no later than that year.  A book might have a copyright date prior to the year under consideration but, for various reasons, was not published until the year under consideration.  Collections of stories must contain stories copyrighted during the previous calendar year and never before published.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the question of interest and appeal to children, books will be assessed using the following criteria:

Please note the following criteria for consideration:

  1.   It is science fiction;
  2.   It possesses literary qualities of plot development, character development and a good story;
  3.   There is consistency of information, especially the science;
  4.   There is quality of design, format, and originality of illustration; and
  5.   It meets the guidelines for the specific selection list (Golden Duck, Eleanor Cameron and Hal Clement).