Dear Readers,

The Core Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable Lists welcome your suggestions of books for the January 2024 lists. Per the Core Board:

The Core Committee Recognizing Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction is charged with selecting, annotating, and presenting for publication, annually, a list of notable children’s and young adult science fiction of the preceding calendar year.  The Committee meets extensively during the year and at the ALA Lib Learn X Meeting announces the Lists of those titles they believe to be notable.  The Lists are intended to assist children, their parents, and librarians in selecting books to read and to encourage them to seek out those that are considered notable among the many books available in bookstores and libraries.  While it is not expected that every library of all sizes and types will necessarily select all of the books listed, it is hoped that children will find these books to be accessible.

Please note the following criteria for consideration:

  1.   It is science fiction;
  2.   It possesses literary qualities of plot development, character development and a good story;
  3.   There is consistency of information, especially the science;
  4.   There is quality of design, format, and originality of illustration; and
  5.   It meets the guidelines for the specific selection list (Golden Duck, Eleanor Cameron and Hal Clement).

Please make recommendations via our submission form, or contact the committee at SFnotables@gmail.com

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your suggestions!